How difficult is it to install gear boxes once i receive them?

     Ours are made to install in a short time using your factory suspension components and retaining your factory suspension geometry.

Why is this a better alternative than just a lift kit?

     With a lift kit you do not get ant reduction in your gear ratio and with our kits you will get 30% gear reduction.

What size of tires and rims can I use once my grb's are installed?

     In most cases when you install our 4" kits you would want to safely use 18 inch rims for clearance of the gearboxes.

     On our 6" kits we like to see customers use 20" rims for clearance. These are only suggestions as all vehicles are different and you know your ride               better then we do. As for the tires please do your homework and make sure what size you can fit at full travel of your suspension.

What is the warranty on your gear boxes?

     We warranty against craftsmanship...  basically if we made it wrong we will fix it. If it broke from abuse or neglect we will fix it but it gonna cost.

     If you feel a part is in need of warranty work please DO NOT open it up, just call or e-mail us and get an RA to send back ONLY after we inspect it             will we determine if it is under warranty. 

Where are your gear boxes made?

      Glad you asked, ours are made right here in the U.S.A. by hard working people just like you and me.


What else may i need to get my rig going once i get the gear boxes?

     When you call or e-mail to order, your vehicle may require special brackets or other specialty items we will make sure you are ready to go when you            place your order. make sure when ordering you have your exact year model and any suspension changes you may have made so we can make it how            you need it.