Made from Ingot cast American made premium micro alloy material for maximum tensile strength ability.
precision CNC hobbed for optimum quality and finish. 
Finished for lasting performance and low noise at all speeds.

CNC Machined for American made 4140 Alloy material.
Heat treated for lasting performance and durability.

Precision CNC machined from high strength military grade solid billet aluminum alloy.
Superior high quality surfacing,combined with an encompassing O ring seal provide an impenetrable seal. 
High quality alloy fasteners counter sunk flush maintain the integrity of the seal and bearing alignments. This eliminates protruding bolts and nuts that may shear on contact during operation.
Show Quality fit and finish. 

High quality automotive bearings providing both axial and radial support and maintain ride and stability. 
High quality automotive seals providing sealing on both the input and output shafts giving maximum from debris and water.
High quality,High temperature o ring provides maximum sealing protection between case halves.
UTV solutions exclusive "Tri-Coaxial" bearing configuration ensures smooth and quiet operation and handles the extreme loads caused by larger tires and abusive trail conditions. 

UTV Solutions GRB's are designed to bolt on to your Specific unit.
Compatiable with both OEM and Aftermarket axles,Axles are securely bolted in place,no modifications needed. 
Factory drive lines,Suspension,and shock angles are maintained. Rides and steers just like stock from factory. 
12 Inch Wheels can be used but some spacing required 14 inch rims are suggested. 

With a 1:1:4 Gear reduction a 5 inch diameter increase in tire size will maintain  close to stock speed. 

Superior Surface machining provide polished show appearance...Your afraid to get dirty DON'T worry they are made to get dirty! 

Our customer service and engineer departments have over 60 years experience in making,Installing and using off road vehicles. We have the knowledge needed to ensure you meet the performance parameter you are searching for.